Work Permit

If you want to live and work in Canada, you need to secure a Canadian work permit. This work permit allows you to sign a contract for work or find an employer.
A work permit is that document for which you must apply when applying for the visa to go over to Canada. This application is usually made almost at the same time. 
There are two distinct ways via which you can go about securing a Canada work permit:

  • Through immigrant or Permanent Work Visas
  • Through Temporary Work Visas

If you are given a Temporary Work Visa, you can only work in Canada for 6 months or less as a temporary employee or worker. But if you are given an Immigrant or Permanent Work Visa, it means you are immigrating to Canada because you have found a suitable job.

What is a Canadian Temporary Work Visa?

A Temporary Work Visa for Canada is a combination of a Work Permit and a Temporary Resident Visa. With the latter, you can stay or live in Canada for up to 6 months or less. The Work Permit allows you to also look for a job or work in the job that you have already found.
This Work Visa is not permanent and will expire after several months or years. This, however, depends on the type you have. This means that after the Canadian Work Visa expires, you can re-apply to have it renewed or return to your home country.
The maximum amount of time you can live and work temporarily in Canada with all the extensions is 4 years. However, this is not applicable for every case and may also depend on the country you are from as well as which type of Work Visa you have.
After your Work Visa expires, you cannot continue staying and working in Canada. This is because you will put yourself at the severe risk of deportation. And if this happens, you will not be able to get a visa to Canada again.

Who needs a Temporary Work Visa for Canada?

Anyone who intends to visit Canada in order to work and earn a legitimate salary must get a Temporary Work Permit or Work Visa. You must be involved in the following activities in order to eligible for the Work Permit:

  • You will receive your salary from an organization that is registered as a business in Canada.
  • Your intention to become employed in Canada in order to earn a salary
  • Your primary location of work must be in Canada.
  • Your salary will be paid to you and deposited in a bank account in Canada.

However, if your place of work is not in Canada and you are in the country for a short period for work-related purposes, then you don’t need a work permit.

The following group of visitors may not need a Work Permit in Canada:

  • Business visitors
  • Military personnel
  • Clergy
  • Examiners and evaluators
  • Referees, judges or similar workers
  • Civil aviation inspectors
  • Performing artists
  • Foreign Government Workers
  • Convention organizers and public speakers
  • News reporters and media crews
  • Athletes and their team members
  • students who are working on campus
  • Foreign Government Representatives and their family members
  • Aviation accident inspectors
  • Investigators and expert witnesses
  • Researchers who have to work in Canada for just 120 days only

If you don’t belong to any of these categories or groups, then you must get a Temporary Work Visa and Work Permit.

Who is eligible to apply for a Canadian Work Permit and Work Visa?

To qualify, you must be eligible and also fulfill the following Canada Work Visa eligibility criteria:

  • Prove that you are willing to leave Canada in order to return to your home country when your work permit expires.
  • Prove that you will not work for any employer who is heavily engaged in a prohibited work type such as erotic dance, striptease services, erotic massages or escort services.
  • Respect the full conditions of your work permit. This depends on whether it is still open, and you can continue working for any employer or if it is specific, and you are only permitted to work for one employer.