About Us

Here at Canada IVS we strive for excellence, Professionalism Success, With years of experience our experts will handle your case in the best manner, and with full support we are sure to achieve you Canadian dream.  Canada IVS will guide you step by step in order to simplify a complex process.

Canada welcomes you with open arms for a better future for you and your children. A worthy life, a guaranteed future, a continuous blossoming.

Canada is waiting for you !

Canada IVS is here to see that your families’ dream come true. with our help and

assistance canada ivs will be able to help your family achieve a better quality of

life, higher education for your children, and endless opportunities for your family.

With 10 years of experience, canada IVS and its team has helped many families

with immigration to Canada. We assist families from A-Z, starting with an

assessment for the family, documentation preparations, legal assistance and all

the way to the interview at the embassy itself. Start your process now with canada

IVS for this is the best time for you and your family to begin your journey.

Do you know that more than 300,000 individuals become Canadian permanent

residents each year? Your family can be the next family to obtain a Canadian visa.

Canada is looking to increase the number of immigrant from 300,000 to 1,000,000

over the next 3 years which means Canada is also searching for people like you

who can come here to work, live, study and even open their own business.

We want people who are able to contribute to our economy, society also the

environment. It’s very simple click here to check your eligibility , you and your family

will go through an assessment, and you will have results within 7 days.

 If you are a skilled worker, you don’t even need to get a job offer before you become a

permanent resident in Canada. Canada offers permanent residency to interested

skilled workers only based on their qualifications. You will be accessed based on

several factors such as age, occupation, the highest level of education, and years

of work experience. These point-based programs are specifically designed to

select skilled individuals who are highly likely to become established economically

in Canada upon arrival. Canada has a great job market and many opportunities for

International workers like yourself . We have a strong economy that is poised to

keep growing. Employment levels are high and our low annual inflation rate

means that it’s relatively affordable for you and your family.

Canada is a place where dreams come true for every one, with one simple click

you can change the life of your entire family forever.

check your eligibility now !! Canada is waiting for you!